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Surety Alliance Welcomes New Member Firms from United Kingdom

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

UK Surety Limited & DRS Bond Management join the Surety Alliance

In September of 2018 international surety organization, the Surety Alliance, officially welcomed its newest members UK Surety Limited and DRS Bond Management as its United Kingdom representatives. These valuable additions extend the Surety Alliance’s capabilities deep into the maturing European surety marketplace. Continued partnering with experts in key markets across continents builds on the Surety Alliance’s success in meeting client’s sophisticated international needs as cross border activity remains on the rise.

“The value of doing business with a member of the Surety Alliance is based on the combined talents and resources of the group, as a complement to the local partner. Each member firm possesses unique market knowledge and surety company relationships to optimize a surety program that best serves the needs of the client,” according to Raffuel Surety Group’s President, “We have the very best ‘boots on the ground’ professionals engaged and committed to providing these resources and opportunities to our clients, regardless of where or how the needs may be resolved.”

DRS Bond Management, an acknowledged leader in surety broking, is formed with the single-minded objective of delivering a state-of-the-art approach to bond management and surety advisory services. Bringing together expertise in corporate governance and surety broking, gained from some of the world’s leading public companies and broking organizations, the DRS team combines these complimentary skill sets to enable clients to utilize surety to create lasting competitive and financial advantages.

UK Surety Limited is an independent specialist in the UK Surety market considered a leading independent surety broker with access to all regulated bond providers. With over 20 years of specialist Surety experience they are perfectly positioned to assist clients of all sizes to obtain a full range of bonds and guarantees for projects in the UK.

About the Surety Alliance:

The Surety Alliance is an exclusive peer group of professional construction and commercial surety brokerages committed to pooling their knowledge and strengths among fellow members with a singular objective or providing service and depth of resources to clients. With members located in major money centers throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Africa and Europe, the strategic linking of our members ensures your surety needs will be managed with proficiency wherever they may arise.

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